Welcome Evening for all International Students

Ein Abend für alle internationalen Studierenden. Hier könnt ihr die Katholische Studentengemeinde und viele Dresdner Studenten und internationale Studierende kennen lernen. Wir treffen uns um 19:00 Uhr in der KSG-Wohnung (Eisenstuckstraße 27).

Dear Students from abroad and from Dresden,

We, the Team International of the catholic student community, want to invite you to our welcome evening at the KSG (Eisenstuckstraße 27). We want to get to know of each other and show you our student community.

Around 80 young people are gathered together in our parish belonging to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dresden-Meißen. We are open for students and trainees looking for a vital community to live their faith and share their experiences in a common stage of life.
Services, supper, a theology discussion group, choirs and lots of recreational activities is what we offer in a weekly programme made possible by students like you. We do not have a membership fee.
Just drop by and become a part of our community!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: international@ksg-dresden.de

We are looking forward to see you!